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Five Techniques That Make You Matter Most

The need to tell others you’re important suggests you don’t feel important. Insecure leaders build, protect, and validate themselves. They spend their days like male peacocks fluffing their tail feathers. “Look at me,… Continue reading

The Bottom Line Can Never Be the Bottom Line

People who can’t say they don’t know can’t be trusted; they’re posturing. They’ll tell you what you want to hear rather than what they really think. Fear drives lies. Fear of losing status,… Continue reading

8 Secrets to Rising Above the Pack

Malcolm Gladwell explains the deepest fear of all is being rejected by our peers – “social risk.” I’m watching the recording of Gladwell’s presentation at the World Business Forum (WBF), “We are hardwired… Continue reading

15 Ways to Fight Fair

Image source “Most organizations have far too little conflict,” Pat Lencioni at the 2011 World Business Forum. Friction between individuals based on personalities, backstabbing, and gossip stifles organizations, hinders productivity, and creates negative… Continue reading

Five Penetrating Questions that Expose Humility

Patterns are developing after a year and a half’s worth of conversations with high profile leaders and successful authors. Jay Elliot, former Sr. V.P. at Apple said, “Great people are hard on themselves.… Continue reading