Beyond Typical S.M.A.R.T Goals

Jim Parker Southwest Airlines quote

The former CEO of Southwest Airlines, Jim Parker, told me,

β€œDon’t set artificial goals for yourself.”

Begin with noble ends:

Leadership is about people. Set people goals. Production and profitability are useful and necessary but never enough.

Increasing profits by 6% is important but not noble.

Two questions beyond artificial:

  1. How do you want to think and feel about yourself when 2013 slips away?
  2. What contribution will you make to the way others think and feel about themselves?

For you:

How do you want to think and feel about yourself?

  1. Proud. Does your behavior and attitude make you proud of yourself?
  2. Progressing. How can you enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses? What can you do for you?
  3. Beneficial. How can you help others?
  4. ???

For others:

How do you want others to think and feel about themselves?

  1. Hopeful. What can you do to make the future bright?
  2. Confident. How will you bolster self-confidence? Confidence fuels action.
  3. Meaningful. How will you let others know they matter?
  4. Connected. How will you make others feel they belong?
  5. Interdependent. How will you help others work with others?
  6. ???

Apply S.M.A.R.T to People:

S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

  1. Specific.
  2. Measurable.
  3. Achievable.
  4. Relevant.
  5. Time-specific.

Apply S.M.A.R.T. to you and the contribution you’re making to others in 2013.

Getting there:

Tell others where you’re going if you’re serious about getting there. Invite in. Share plans. Give permission to ask what you’re doing to reach your goals.

How do you want to feel about you when 2013 slips away?

How do you want to make others feel?

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