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How to Stop Defending What isn’t Working

We have the astonishing capacity to vigorously defend what isn’t working. When this happens, we eventually blame others for nagging issues. After all, someone has to be responsible for these frustrations. Four steps on… Continue reading

When Silence is Painful, Not Golden

Failure to bring up disappointing performance is cruel, not compassionate. Apart from intervention, negative trajectory accelerates.   When silence is painful, not golden: Silence when performance disappoints prolongs pain, increases stress, and affirms… Continue reading

5 Ways to be Thankful Like a Leader

When people think of you, are their hearts filled with gratitude? If they are, it’s because you poured value into their lives.   Image source 7 principles of generosity, gratitude, and influence: The… Continue reading

How Skillful Leaders Build Doors in Walls

What’s so inviting about seeing weakness in others? Leaders who see strength in others build doors in walls. From part 1: 12 ways to ignite and maximize growth in others #1. Speak directly to the heart.… Continue reading

The 10-C Approach to Pushback when the Boss is Involved and Stakes are High

Pushback makes you relevant and useful in high-stakes situations. Poor pushback: Emotional heat. Drama is distraction, even offense, to top leaders. Grudges. You look narrow and small when you can’t let go when… Continue reading

Succeeding with the Biggest Challenge of Leadership

Decisiveness becomes judgmentalism when you make decisions based on assumptions. The danger of being decisive is the tendency to make quick decisions about others that limit their potential and hinder relationships. When you… Continue reading