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How to Show Compassion and Get Results

Done poorly, compassion prolongs weakness, propagates irresponsibility, and validates destructive behaviors. Compassion, like all great virtues, requires insight to be practiced skillfully. People first: Compassion is a ‘people first’ approach to leadership. It’s… Continue reading

A Disaster with a Discouraged Team

The room felt like a funeral when the manager’s meeting began. In the end, the meeting was a disaster. I did something I shouldn’t have done. You can’t find the light with your… Continue reading

Nearly 40% Never Give Positive Reinforcement

For many, it’s easier to talk about what sucks than what’s great. There’s a negative voice in our heads. Personally, you can’t speak well of yourself. Why? Humble leaders don’t brag. They talk about… Continue reading

3 Ways to Create a Culture of Accountability

  Thanks to Kris Boesch for this guest post. Accountability isn’t exactly happy dance material. It’s a tough term.  What do you think of when you hear the word?   Perhaps belittling, finger wagging,… Continue reading

How to Ignite a Growth Point for Talent in 10 Minutes or Less

  Everyone knows the frustration of working with unqualified, uncertain, unproductive team members. One reason you’re stressed out is you haven’t developed the people around you. Ropes: Everything feels like pushing a rope when the… Continue reading

5 Ways to Answer Self Importance and Move Toward Humility

“I don’t like it that helping can make me feel superior to others.” The young woman on my team who spoke those words volunteered at a homeless shelter Sunday night. We spoke Monday morning… Continue reading