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How to be a Badass Without Becoming a Jerk-hole

You can’t succeed as a leader if your need to be liked exceeds your drive to achieve. There are three options in the tension between results and relationships. Results without relationships. (Jerk-hole.) Results… Continue reading

At Least 85%* are Not Self-Aware

Reject the thought that you’re self-aware. Odds are you don’t see yourself and you don’t see yourself as others see you either. Dangers of self-blindness: If you don’t see yourself, you can’t understand… Continue reading

The Law of the Skunk

Engage in behaviors that have high return on energy, ROE. Stinky things you tolerate – but should confront – suck the life out of you. Law of the skunk: deal with stink. Let… Continue reading

4 Ways to Lead Yourself into a New Year

Novices think leadership begins with others. Leadership is about others but it begins with you. Ask novice-leaders what needs to be done and their sentences begin with “they”. Novice-leaders complain about others rather… Continue reading

How to Reinvent the Future and Stop Reliving the Past

Conversations that begin, “I remember when,” are about recreating the past. But you can’t create the future while longing for the good ole days. The past is the future for leaders who stay… Continue reading

4 More Enemies of Vitality All Leaders Must Avoid

Leaders who suck the life out of people promote failure and embrace defeat. The first four enemies of vitality: #1. Distrust. #2. Disrespect. #3. Proper channels. #4. Excluding the outside. Posted here. 4… Continue reading