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An Invitation You Can’t Resist

Dear Leadership Freak reader, I’m personally inviting all the readers in the Leadership Freak family to a Zoom meeting. Many of you have been reading my short posts for years. Your encouragement energizes… Continue reading

5 Questions Lower Self-Inflicted Stress

Stress says you care about something.

Self-inflicted stress crushes savior-leaders.

Questions lower self-inflicted stress.

Purposeful Abandonment: How to Let Go of What Holds you Back

You won’t grow until you purposefully abandon what holds you back.

How to practice purposeful abandonment?

12 Things the Worst Leaders Do That You Can Learn From

Don’t pour gravel in the stew. Leave out things the worst leaders do.

Ask yourself, “How can I do the opposite of leaders who struggle stumble and fail?”

Drink and Forget

A stream gurgles alongside the road to success. When thirsty travelers drink, they transform into barbarians.


Let Go When You’re at the End of the Rope

You need grit to hang on. You need wisdom to let go.

What if it’s time to let go?