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Listening is the Overlooked Tool of Leadership

Listening increases the value and impact of your words. “The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.” Stephen R. Covey Not listening: Waiting-listening: Most people think… Continue reading

Don’t Erase a Good Compliment with a Stupid But

A ritual gone bad: I have a ritual question I ask my wife. Sometimes I want the grandchildren to hear. The ritual begins when I ask, “Do you know what I like about… Continue reading

7 Things You Learn When You Step in Crap

Cows, unlike people, aren’t shy about doing their ‘business’ in broad daylight. I saw a lot of cow manure when I was growing up. I shoveled a lot too. Occasionally, I stepped in… Continue reading

The Advice Leaders Need But Often Reject

The things you know affirm what you’ve done. But advice that seems wrong has the power to change your leadership. Advice disrupts. Advice-seeking: The richest possible life includes advice-seeking. Advice-seeking is listening for… Continue reading

Reject this Myth about Management Before it’s too Late

The danger of a myth is it works until it destroys you. A path based on a lie always leads to oblivion. The myth to reject: always-on is the path to success. Always-on… Continue reading

Cows and New Gates – The Power of Unspoken Permission

The boss cow has a long line of cows behind her when they head to the barn. The grass wears away and a narrow cow sidewalk hardens under their hooves because they follow… Continue reading