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All I Want is Just a Little Respect

Aretha Franklin speaks for everyone when she sings, “All I want is just a little respect.” Don’t poke dogs and expect them to kiss you.  The song, “Respect,” was written by Otis Redding.… Continue reading

Three Leadership Commitments that Cost Little but Payoff Big

The unimaginative and uncommitted blame lack of money for lack of action. But you don’t need money, position, or resources to make a positive difference where you work. All you need to bring… Continue reading

How Leaders Change People By Simply Seeing Them

One summer, years ago, my wife and I stopped yelling at each other when we noticed the windows were up. People change when someone’s watching or listening. I read that people are more… Continue reading

Permission Seeking – Getting Direction – Making a Difference

You’ve been asking permission since you started talking. Can I have a cookie? Can I go outside? Can I watch TV? Now that we’re all big girls and boys, we need to give… Continue reading

The Upside of a Down Mood for a Leader’s Team

What happens in the office when a respected boss is in a bad mood? An occasional bad mood is normal, healthy, even useful. The upside of a bad mood: A bad mood… Lowers… Continue reading

3 Wise Sayings You Need to Stop Saying Today

Some ‘wise’ sayings are evil affirmations that staying the same is a good thing. They’re dangerous because they’re half true. #1. We did our best. Bull crap! You didn’t do your best. You… Continue reading