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How to Ignite a Growth Point for Talent in 10 Minutes or Less

  Everyone knows the frustration of working with unqualified, uncertain, unproductive team members. One reason you’re stressed out is you haven’t developed the people around you. Ropes: Everything feels like pushing a rope when the… Continue reading

5 Ways to Answer Self Importance and Move Toward Humility

“I don’t like it that helping can make me feel superior to others.” The young woman on my team who spoke those words volunteered at a homeless shelter Sunday night. We spoke Monday morning… Continue reading

How to Ignite Development in the Arrogant and Resistant

Arrogance can’t see a need for development. Ask egotistical managers if they run great meetings. (Insert any management skill.) Of course they do! There’s no point in telling them they don’t. Pride invites… Continue reading

How to Build Environments Where Teams Thrive and Talent Wins

Structure trumps talent. Badly designed organizations sabotage the best performers. 4 structural saboteurs: Overlapping domains:  Managers with overlapping territories are paid to compete with one another.  The stronger the talent, the more intense… Continue reading

Brian Tracy with Three Questions to Supercharge Your Abilities

New Giveaway!! 40 free copies of the classic book, Eat That Frog! Leave a comment on this guest post by Brian Tracy to become eligible to win one of FORTY complimentary copies of, Eat That… Continue reading

5 Powerful Ways to Answer Self-Doubt and Step into Your Greatness

The Little Engine kept saying, “I think I can,” until he climbed the steep hill. But the story is wrong. Thinking you can is helpful, but never enough to step into your greatness.… Continue reading