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How to Find Power when you Feel Weak

I casually asked my wife, “Isn’t it surprising how long this toothpaste is lasting?” We laughed for two days when I finally confessed that I had been adding toothpaste to the old tube… Continue reading

Grateful Leaders are Great Leaders

New Book Giveaway!! 20 free copies!! Leave a comment on this guest post by David Nielson to become eligible to win one of twenty complimentary copies of, The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success. (Deadline:… Continue reading

The Worst Haircut of My Life

I bet you cut your own hair when you were a kid. Many of us did. Maybe your mom fixed it by setting the clippers on #1 and giving you a buzz cut.… Continue reading

3 Powerful Ways to Develop a Development Disposition

New Book giveaway!! 10 complimentary copies available. Leave a comment on this guest post by Julie Winkle Giulioni to become eligible to win one of TEN complimentary electronic copies of the best seller,… Continue reading

One Thing You Must Stop Doing in 2019

2018 would have been better if you spent more time giving power and less time creating dependency. Misguided leaders create dependency. 5 signs you’re creating dependency: #1. Permission-asking is a national past-time in… Continue reading

How to Face Fear Like a Leader

You never defeat fear by ignoring it. You defeat fear by moving toward and through it. When I say, “Defeat,” I don’t mean eliminate. Fear is an ever present companion of those who… Continue reading