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10 Ways to be Angry Like a Leader

Leaders who suppress anger live with the ponderous weight of things unsaid. Embrace the power of letting yourself be angry. Expression: Anger isn’t the main issue, expression is.  Spontaneous expressions of anger like… Continue reading

3 Power Questions that Lead Others to a Happy New Year

Those who seek happiness by avoiding discomfort, meet dissatisfaction along the way. Meaningful discomfort is part of happiness. 4 reasons people end up halfhearted and fully unhappy: Too many options. Keeping all our… Continue reading

The 3 Most Read Leadership Freak Blogs of 2016

#1 – How Any Leader Can Kickstart and Land a Powerful Conversation You look for an escape when blabbing leaders arrive. But a leader skilled at powerful conversations is a thing of beauty.… Continue reading

How to Face Disruptive Change and Thrive

Our response to change, challenge, or turmoil reveals more about us than it says about circumstances.  The arrival of Jesus felt like disruptive threat to some and opportunity to others. The same event… Continue reading

How to Stop Solving Problems and Start Solving Patterns

Recognize and solve negative patterns or you’ll end up solving the same problems over and over. The third time you have the same conversation, with the same person, about the same disappointing performance,… Continue reading

7 Alternatives to Traditional Gift Exchanges in the Office – #1 Don’t Do it

“Christmas means carnage,” Ferdinand, the duck in the movie, Babe: Pig in the City. A feast for one is tragedy for another. I hope you put an end to traditional gift exchanges in… Continue reading