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The Ripple Effect: Understand How Consequences Work

Consequences mean actions matter. Even painful consequences reinforce the potency of our actions.

Some actions deliver immediate consequences.

Organizational Structure: A Living Dog is Better than a Dead Lion

Dead structure means people waste energy stumbling over trivialities.

Dynamic organizational structure enables people to flourish.

10 questions for building dynamic organizational structure…

What to Do When You Disagree with Leadership

At some point you will disagree with leadership.

Disagreement shapes life.

How to disagree with leadership…

How to Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors

We all do things that add weight to the journey. We don’t notice until consequences camp in the front yard.

Self-defeating behaviors corrode success even though they seem helpful.

Don’t Depend on Others

“Don’t depend on others,” is a destructive scam.

Life is limited to individual achievement when you don’t depend on others.

How to depend on others…

Choose How You Show Up Before You Show Up

You see the world the way you see yourself. Strength sees opportunities. Weakness sees threats.

Self-perception shapes the way you show up.

A 1-day challenge. Practice a best-self-visualization. Here’s how…