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5 Ways to Create The Invisible Advantage

The opposite of innovation isn’t stagnation. It’s slow miserable defeat. The future belongs to organizations that view innovation as an expression of who they are, not something they do. A culture of innovation… Continue reading

93% of Successful Companies Abandon Their Original Strategy

I spent an hour discussing strategy with a group of 24 leaders. What I know is that the best ideas are yet to emerge. If you succeed, you most likely will let go… Continue reading

5 Ways to Achieve Remarkable Results by Making the Big Ask

You limit the potential of your team if you can’t ask them to take on big challenges. Ask people to do a lot if you expect them to achieve a lot. Ask people to… Continue reading

The Longer you Work at Improving the Same Thing, the Fewer Improvements you Make

Gold Medal sprinters work endless hours to shave a millisecond off their time. At the beginning, they made giant strides. The longer you work at improving the same thing, the fewer improvements you… Continue reading

5 Insights I Learned From Top Authors in 2016

If you’re not learning, you’re dying. 5 insights I learned from top authors in 2016 #1. Organizations need both disruption and stability to thrive. That’s Not How We Do it Here, John Kotter. Over-managed organizations… Continue reading

The Single Most Transformative Force in Leadership

The single most transformative force in leadership is a conversation. Conversations with leaders, authors, and coaching clients changed me most in 2016. It’s that way every year. We grow in community, not isolation.… Continue reading