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A Simple Strategy to Defeat Destructive Platitudes

Destructive platitudes work at the beginning of the day and sting at the end. “Do what makes you happy,” is my favorite. Feel free to include two other winners. “Do what feels good,”… Continue reading

5 Ways to Exploit the Circle of Life

The playfulness of life is seen in a boy feeding hay to cows. The circle of life was petulant on the farm. Every spring the fields turned green. In summer we made hay.… Continue reading

The Cure for Fear

The trouble with fear is sometimes it helps and sometimes it stabs you in the back. Helpful fear tells you to obey the speed limit because the cops are out on holidays. But… Continue reading

7 Relationship Building Rules for Results-Driven Leaders

Relationship building is the difference between getting stuff done and being a leader. Results are the cake. Relationship building heats the oven. Relationship building is the heart of success. Community contributes to flourishing.… Continue reading

The Shocking Truth about Being Beautiful

Everyone is beautiful just the way they are except greedy billionaires, self-serving politicians of the opposite party, and powerful old white men who think women should have babies, cook dinner, and stay out… Continue reading

7 Simple Practices that Enable being Present

Pennsylvania takes distracted driving darn serious. Title 75 section 3316 imposes a fine of $50.00 if you’re caught texting while driving. The numbers on distracted driving are going down. Only 1.6 million crashes… Continue reading