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The #1 Thing Leaders Suck At

I felt like a kid in a candy story when, after the first ring, Jim Kouzes, co-author of The Leadership Challenge, picked up the phone and said, “It’s Jim.” Four years ago, by… Continue reading

Facing Turbulence with Confidence

You may wish seas were smooth but leaders live in turbulence. The world is filled with “make believe leaders” who want the helm without the responsibility. They want you to set the course,… Continue reading

The Untapped Secret of Creating Passion

***** I took a small team into a space that needs transformation and asked them what could be done to make the space youthful and vibrant. They weren’t to consider “how” to do… Continue reading

How to Resist Being Helpful

Peter Jenson, Ph.D., author, coach, and Olympic sports psychology consultant, said many things during our conversation but one most gripped me. “I let them stew in their failure for a while.” Peter Jenson… Continue reading

Stretched not Crushed

Every time things start going wrong we look to the leader for solutions. Beware! The pressure to provide solutions crushes leaders. When solutions come from the top, organizations crumble from the bottom. A… Continue reading

How to Stop so you can Start

Before you find your personal best, let go of your mediocrity. Determine what isn’t working and stop it. Stopping: Stopping is harder than you think. Fear of failure makes you keep working at… Continue reading