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A Horse With No Legs

Great goals are great beginnings but goals alone never reach great endings. “Move beyond goals; focus on specific tasks.” Dean Brenner in “Share the Sandbox” A goal without action items is a horse… Continue reading

How to Destroy Teams and Become Losers

Image source Terrible teams are easy; great teams rare. Great teams do two things. First, people working together achieve things individuals can’t; they achieve more together. Second, Teams that work – work at… Continue reading

An Olympic Chairman on Finding Your Voice

I was fortunate to have a conversation with the Chairman and Team Leader of the US Olympic Sailing Program, Dean Brenner. He’s founder of the Latimer Group and recently authored, “Sharing the Sandbox.” Unexpected:… Continue reading

When Talent Defeats

Superstars aren’t the answer they’re the problem. Isn’t it thrilling when high performers join your organization? Finally, someone can bring home the bacon like no one else. Wrong! Superstars who believe they save… Continue reading

Damn that Hurts…

The trouble with pain is ignoring it. Toothaches begin as dull twinges. Tumors are coughs. Before long, fillings are root canals and tumors are death. Pain is a slow sunrise, quiet. But, noon… Continue reading

Overcoming the Futility of Doing the Next Thing

Image source Repeating things without improving them means you’re dead in the water, stuck in the muck, dying on the vine. Don’t simply do the next thing; make it better. Leading isn’t repeating. Your… Continue reading