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Stop Barking up the Wrong Tree

Leaders who work to extend their influence are barking up the wrong tree. John Maxwell said, “Leadership is influence.” But, gaining influence isn’t about working to get it; it’s about connecting. Stop worrying… Continue reading

Leadership’s Most Perplexing People Decision

Save-the-day leaders weaken others but delay is dangerous. People problems that hang-on are like dripping faucets. Delay escalates irritation. On the other hand, solutions-now seldom work; people need time. The challenge of delay… Continue reading

Finding Extraordinary Success

After the open house ceremony, I looked Doug (far left) in the eye and said, “I was thinking about you as I drove in. The difference between average and extraordinary isn’t power or… Continue reading

The Rule of the Needle

* Failing is easy – chase urgencies and neglect priorities. Success is found by passionately doing what matters most. ***** The thing that matters most for leaders is building other leaders. If you… Continue reading

Leadership’s Most Neglected Virtue

Few things are more devastating than being used and abused by those you support. Disloyalty burns like no other burn. Disloyalty demoralizes. Strength: The strength of an organization is expressed by the loyalty… Continue reading

Dads, Daughters, and Dreams

Welcome guest blogger – Becky Robinson. It’s almost bedtime, and my daughters are splashing in the bathtub, all three of them squeezed together. I’m sitting nearby, and we’re talking about dreams for the… Continue reading