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When Collaboration Doesn’t Work

Stop bowing at the altar of collaboration. It’s usually better to work with others – to collaborate. But, collaboration isn’t always useful or necessary. Collaboration can be cumbersome, ineffective, or detrimental. Sometimes, having someone work… Continue reading

5 Strategies that Defeat Drifting

The trouble with teams is drifters; people who hide behind the work of others. Drifters are more than annoying; they’re dangerous, damaging dead weight. Drifters de-motivate the motivated and drain energy from the… Continue reading

6 Ways Successful Leaders Think

Only fools plan to fail. Leaders always plan to succeed. Working on plans is working to anticipate and nullify reasons for failure. But, failure happens in spite of plans. There’s more to success than… Continue reading

High Performer or High Potential

All leaders always keep watch for high performers they can move into greater responsibilities. You’re a lousy leader who may succeed in the short-term but fail in the end, if you don’t. Real… Continue reading

The “But” of Leadership

***** Success is harder to handle than failure. Yesterday, I reconnected with the Chief Security Officer at Microsoft, Michael Howard. I’m freakishly interested in leadership so I asked him about his own leadership… Continue reading

The Feedback Questions that Change Everything

When was the last time you received useful feedback? Everyone who craves excellence craves feedback. You need to know how you’re doing and how to improve. You never reach excellence without feedback. Honesty… Continue reading