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A Father’s Day Dream

My dad, is a short man who lives in Florida; he’s in failing health. He’s the toughest, smartest, hardest working man I know. Last night I dreamed dad died. In the dream, I… Continue reading

Turnover: A Good Thing

A recent conversation with a healthcare executive reminded me that Jack Welch’s management rule of 20-70-10 inevitably increases turnover. 20% of your employees – top performers – are highly rewarded. 70% are being… Continue reading

The Revealing Power of Fear

  I’ve noticed an unsettling and revealing set of questions that my coach, Bob Hancox, asks. What’s most concerning for you? What makes this so important to you? What’s really at stake for… Continue reading

The Essential Component of High Performance

***** When someone asks how they did. I realize I haven’t done well at giving feedback. I’ve been passive not active. I’ve never heard high-performers say, “I get too much feedback.” They crave… Continue reading

When Restraint Takes You Further

Leaders are liars when they say they believe in developing others but don’t display patience. Patience is a gift of trust, humility, and confidence to those who aren’t there yet. Growth implies potential… Continue reading

Aspirin for Aneurysms

***** Aspirin for aneurysms won’t help much. Poorly solved problems return and multiply when pain goes away. The good thing about pain is it motivates our search for solutions. The bad thing about… Continue reading