People who Change the World


People who change the world are like everyone else except they do something. They are moms, dads, men, women, young, old, rich, or poor. Some are educated – some not. Race isn’t the issue, either.

People who change the world all begin at the same point – the point where you may be today. “They all seemed to start out as critics,” Beverly Schwartz, author of, “Rippling.”

You’ll never change anything until you’re displeased with something. All leaders change things but the dark side of change is distress, disappointment, disgust, dissatisfaction, and displeasure.

The power of criticism is you become like the critic you listen to. People who change the world say, “…Yes to themselves.” Schwartz. The courage to change things begins with the courage to not like things.

People who change the world always do the next thing. “They took the next step and did something…” Rippling.

4 qualities you need:

Schwartz says people who change the world, … All, at a minimum, possessed four inherent qualities:

  1. Purpose allows inspiration to replace fear with action.
  2. Passion kindles and nourishes a “follow ones heart” courage.
  3. Patterns that become models and guides for others to follow.
  4. Participation by others who believe, follow, and join. They think boldy, act locally, and scale globally. They possess “ego-limiting ownership” that gives place to others.

The steps to changing the world begin with saying yes to yourself and move to gathering participants.

Beverly Schwartz, in Rippling, has explained and illustrated the path all leaders follow to effect radical change. My favorite parts of the book are the beginning and end where Beverly lays out the qualities and strategies for effecting change.

What are the qualities of the change agents you know?