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The Best Mentors Do These Six Things

New Book Giveaway! Leave a comment on this guest post by Lisa Z. Fain to become eligible win a complimentary copy of her and Lois J. Zachary’s new book, The Mentor’s Guide, 3rd… Continue reading

Rediscovering the Joy of Mentoring

Mentoring makes life richer for everyone. Image of aged journals.

Dear Dan: How Do You Find a Mentor

Dear Dan, I enjoy your articles. One thing I agree with but don’t know how to achieve is a mentor. It just seems like everyone is busy and no one cares for it… Continue reading

How to Not Do Anything Stupid with Your New Team

A young manager with a new team is like an ant pushing an elephant. It’s smart to be concerned. My friend Stan Endicott tells managers who ask for advice, “Don’t do anything stupid.”… Continue reading

Why Stephen King Felt Ashamed

Miss Hisler summoned Stephen King to the principal’s office because he had written and sold a horror story to his classmates. He earned over nine dollars in one day. Each copy went for… Continue reading

The Way You See Yourself is the Way You See the World

Perspective is a way of seeing. We see the present and future as we are. Your way of seeing doesn’t change the world; it shapes your approach to the world. Perspective births attitude.… Continue reading