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7 Strategies All High Impact Leaders Employ

If high impact – positive leadership – was easy there’d be more of it. Your work-place would be invigorating and supportive rather than defeating and cut-throat. The world would be a better place.… Continue reading

Were They Always Dead Wood

This morning I had a tweeter conversation with Tom Peters – prolific author and business thinker – who said, “Dan, my whole “psychological shtick”: “Act your way into feeling/thinking” rather than “Feel/think your way into… Continue reading

Radically Change Your Leadership, Today

***** The way you make people feel may be the most important thing about your leadership. It’s frequently the most neglected. Relentlessly looking ahead to noble destinations is never enough. Efficient systems don’t… Continue reading

The Secret to Dynamic Presentations

Yesterday I gave my first keynote presentation since the accident on November 20, 2011. It felt like putting old jeans on. Successful presenters create dynamic connections between themselves and audiences. Connect with the… Continue reading

Six Step Transformational Conversations

“Many people who could have made the biggest difference in my life didn’t.” @pastorhudson tweeted back, “WOW that’s so true! My question is why? Did they not know? Not care? Not have time?” I… Continue reading

Feel Like Blowing Up? Here’s How!

I never met a leader worth their salt that wasn’t angry about something. Anger is easy to feel but hard to express, usefully. Occasionally, great leaders blow up. It’s recorded that Jesus flew… Continue reading