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8 Ways to Find Freedom

Freedom ignites passion, imagination, and initiative; control destroys it.  Freedom feeds vitality; control oppresses and limits. Freedom, however, is dangerous. Freedom is essential because their expertise exceeds yours, in their area. If you… Continue reading

Overcoming the Destructive Power of Passion

Image source Passion drives all success but it also stands in the way. The dark side of passion: #1. Independence: Successful leaders never succeed alone, they inspire others. Passion may motivate you to… Continue reading

People who Change the World

***** People who change the world are like everyone else except they do something. They are moms, dads, men, women, young, old, rich, or poor. Some are educated – some not. Race isn’t… Continue reading

Six Secrets of Inspirational Leadership

Image source The real test of leadership isn’t what you do it’s what you inspire others to do. Great leaders inspire others to contribute greatly. The shift from individual contributor to inspiring others may… Continue reading

How to Build Your Leadership Brand

People who aren’t known for something haven’t done anything. “How to Build a Brand,” was the title we settled on for a recent presentation. It included social media content and making money using your online… Continue reading

10 Ways to Become a Risk-Taker

“Real change agents comprise less than 10% of all business people,” Jack Welch. Most leaders play not-to-lose rather than playing to win, especially in large organizations. The more we have to lose the… Continue reading