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Finding Focus: 12 Leadership Focal Points

Ever end the day worn out but wondering what you accomplished. Coach Wooden warned, “Never confuse activity with achievement.” Life without focus is wasted. Worse yet, wrong focus guarantees wrong results. Don’t focus… Continue reading

The Struggle and Power of Divergent Values

It’s a mistake to expect everyone to fully align with your values. Shared values are never fully shared. Power of values:  Shared values are the heartbeat of vibrant organizations. Values drive decisions. Decisions… Continue reading

The Real Reason Teams Don’t Work

Overwork prevents teamwork. Imagine the feeling of being close to missing a deadline. At 3:00 p.m. a team mate needs your expertise on their marketing project. Are you eager to serve? Or, are… Continue reading

Overcoming the Downside of Pursuing Excellence

The problem with the pursuit of excellence is there is no done, only better. Done satisfies. Move on. Yes! There is no check box in the pursuit of excellence. The second challenge with… Continue reading

Igniting Change from the Middle

Image source Passion for positive change drives people crazy, especially those in the middle of organizations. People at the bottom go along to get along. They won’t change until they’re sure top leadership… Continue reading

7 Powerful Ways to Clear Your Path to Success

It’s easy to point out mistakes and problems. Offering solutions is another matter. A Leadership Freak contributor writes on yesterday’s article, “I was hoping for the “how not to make these mistakes” version… Continue reading