How to Seize Your Greatest Opportunities


Opportunity is ugly.

Opportunity is a door that feels like a wall, an open window that feels shut, or a ceiling that feels too low.

Mud disguises, pain exposes, and fear illuminates opportunity.

Distinguish your leadership:

Great leaders face great challenges and solve great problems. Clear the mud. Solve the pain. Face the fear. Rise up and address issues others run from.

Leaders without obstacles are ships without wind.

Run toward rather than away. The giant you slay expands your influence.

Frustration is opportunity.

Enhanced influence and profound results wait beyond frustrations, complications, and disappointments.


Struggle transforms. Success, on the other hand, makes you more of who you were.

Power to seize opportunities comes from understanding and addressing your greatest struggle.

Greatest struggle:

The greatest battles lie within. On the other hand, inner struggle is leadership’s most profound opportunity. All leaders struggle with inner questions like:

  1. Do I matter?
  2. What do I believe?
  3. What’s important?
  4. What’s my greatest value?
  5. How can I connect?
  6. Can I do this?
  7. What if I fail?

Greatest opportunity:

Your greatest opportunity is building structures that develop and strengthen your inner person.

You’re crushed from without when there’s nothing within.

Inner strength comes from things like:

  1. Faith.
  2. Quiet solitude.
  3. Listening and self-reflection.
  4. Deep, honest relationships.
  5. Exposing struggle rather than ignoring it.
  6. Honest, often painful, feedback.
  7. Reading.
  8. Prayer.
  9. Humility.
  10. Mentors. Every person of profound influence stands on the shoulders of others.

Every successful leader eventually understands the battle is within.

Others control you when you don’t.

The issue is you not them.

Changing the world:

Solve great problems by bringing yourself to challenges, obstacles, and frustrations.

Identity determines impact.

Who you are transcends what you do. But, before you bring yourself, you must know and nurture yourself; otherwise you’re an empty cup.

How can leaders strengthen their inner person in ways that enhance leadership?

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