Creating Glorious Space for Reinvention


Baggage barricades your future.  Leadership baggage includes past:

  1. Disappointment with others.
  2. Unresolved conflict.
  3. Broken relationships.
  4. Personal failure.
  5. Failed plans.
  6. Financial frustrations and business setbacks.

Releasing baggage is like cutting sandbags from balloons. In, “Leadership and the art of the Struggle,” Steven Snyder explains how to see baggage clearly and expose it wisely.

Embracing the struggle enables reinvention.

Glorious space:

Clinging to baggage weighs down, clogs up, and produces victims of persistence.

Refusing to let go empowers baggage
and assures repetition of the past.

Embracing the struggle rather than rejecting it creates space for new opportunities. Listen to Steven and me talking about letting go of my personal baggage (1 min. 34 sec.): 

Positive Baggage:

Success seduces and convinces leaders that what worked in the past works today.

Leadership baggage includes success as well as failure.

Frustration over the changing workforce, for example, indicates baggage. The inability to adapt because past strategies don’t work today indicates you’re clinging to the past. Those who learn and adapt rise and reinvent themselves and their leadership.

Longing for the good ole days indicates baggage.

Frustration over the present suggests you’re hanging on to the past. Accepting “what is” enables transformation. Rejecting realities, frustrates.

Bill Gates and Baggage:

Steven Snyder personally watched Bill Gates reinvent his leadership. Early in Microsoft’s history every manager was more technically savvy than their direct reports. That approached worked for ten years.

As Microsoft grew, Bill adapted his leadership model. Microsoft began hiring managers with more management expertise than technical savvy.

Past success didn’t become baggage for Bill Gates.

Steven Snyder on Bill Gates and the inverted hierarchy (2 min. 32 sec.): 

Your approach to baggage, both positive and negative, is pivotal to leadership effectiveness, business success, and personal opportunity.


Leadership and the Art of the Struggle,” by Steven Snyder is recommended reading.

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How can leaders release baggage?