Great Leaders are Great Because They …

Stop telling people what to do

Great leadership is more about others and less about you. Stop focusing on yourself.

Great leaders are great because they:

  1. Have emotional intelligence.
  2. Reveal greatness in others.
  3. Know where they’re going and why.
  4. Engage.
  5. Don’t really think they are great.

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Two great leaders:

Warren Buffet (4th richest person in the world) and Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos) are great leaders because they hire great people and get out of the way.

Buffet said:

  1. Hire people and don’t tell them what to do.
  2. Let good people set their own standards and direction.
  3. Delegate almost to the point of abdication.

Dr. David Vik (Doc) invested early in Zappos and worked there for five years. I asked Doc what made Tony Hsieh a great leader. “Zappos’ vision to Deliver Happiness is so clear and powerful that management doesn’t have to tell employees what to do.”

Enable people to act without you
by establishing shared vision.

Stop telling good people what to do.

Two factors of great leadership:

Great leadership isn’t about you. It’s about the people around you. “Get the right people on the bus.” Jim Collins.

Surround yourself with the most talented, passionate people available. Jack Welch said, “The team with the best players wins.”

Second, great leaders become less central, not more. Work yourself out-of, not into jobs.

If you are essential you are the bottleneck.

Third essential ingredient:

Doc believes organizational culture creates environments that empower people to function at their best. In other words, you can’t simply hire people and leave them alone. Success requires high performance cultures.

Great leaders build empowering organizational culture.

Doc explains the five factors essential to culture building in his book, “The Culture Secret.”

  1. Vision.
  2. Purpose.
  3. Business Model.
  4. Unique/Wow factors.
  5. Values.

Doc, in his own words on what makes Tony Hsieh a great leader:

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What factors make leaders great?

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