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16 Ways to Help Less

Help done poorly creates dependency. But, help withheld seems disconnected or cold. Leaders who say, “How can I help,” connect, change attitudes, and move agendas forward. But, help that weakens teams hurts organizations.… Continue reading

Promoted Now What

Self-doubt is a gift in small doses; in large doses devastating. Fear paralyzes new managers and makes them look foolish. Face doubt with courage. Doubt, used well, opens the mind. Courage and open minds:… Continue reading

25 Ways to Spot Leaders You Can Trust

Before everything else, determine if people are trustworthy. But, what if time is short and schedules full? How can you quickly spot someone you can trust? Leaders you can trust: Acknowledge they don’t… Continue reading

Ten Radical Shifts in Thinking all Leaders Face

Leaders fail when they don’t think like leaders. Leaders who think like individual contributors demoralize their team and devalue their leadership. Lousy leaders think like individual contributors. 10 radical shifts in thinking: From… Continue reading

Eight Ways to Find the Key to Success

Misguided leaders think plans and programs are solutions. People are always the key to success. People are solutions. Programs, systems, plans, and projects are dead words on paper until people give them life.… Continue reading

The Secret to Leadership Finding You

You aren’t a leader if you don’t have followers. “He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.” John Maxwell, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership“ A young… Continue reading