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Why Leaders Fail

Leadership is a matter of character before skill. In other words, it’s about who you are. Fakers are exposed, eventually. Fake leaders – those with skills but lacking character – inevitably sink. Skills… Continue reading

Caught in a Rip Current

On the edge of panic, I struggled against the rip current that pushed me away from the sandy beach. My 5’ wife and 6’1” son watched. A wave knocked Dale, my wife, into… Continue reading

David, Goliath, and Cows Looking at new Gates

Dairy cows walk the same path, following each other. The grass wears away. The ground grows hard. They know where to go. Every morning and night, when I was a kid, I opened… Continue reading

Crush the Complexity of Cowardice

Unchallenged complexity is the source of frustration, decline, stagnation, and death. Don’t wait for crisis to eliminate complexity. Edward de Bono said, “There is never any justification for things being complex when they could… Continue reading

16 Practices that Reignite Momentum

You lost momentum because you did the right thing too long. Momentum never changes until something changes. Igniting momentum requires shifts in attitudes, behaviors, methods, and results. 16 practices to reignite momentum: Celebrate… Continue reading

When Projects Fail

We had a project fail. Let it sting. Soothing pain is for babies, not big boys and girls. Team members who don’t care about losing are losers. Don’t sooth discomfort by minimizing failure,… Continue reading