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The Santa Claus Leadership System

Santa Claus asks, “What do you want?” Leaders get further when they know what the people around them want and do their best to give it. Generosity assumes you know what others want.… Continue reading

How to be Assertive Not Pushy

Pushy people want what they want, regardless of how you feel. You have pushy-jerk radar that tells you to resist, protect, hold back, or attack. You put up with pushy people because you’re… Continue reading

Finding Compassion without Losing Power

Compassion is essential to exceptional leadership, extraordinary results, powerful impact, and richness of life. What does compassionate leadership look like? The opposite of compassion is mean. Mean leaders: Send the message that they… Continue reading


How has your leadership changed? My wife brought the topic up yesterday. I turned the topic back to her. “How do you think I’ve changed?” She said, “You’re more of a leader and… Continue reading

20 Ways to Give Negative Feedback

Growth always hurts. But, stagnation is death. Growth requires feedback. Successful leaders are great at giving feedback. Good intentions don’t compensate for poor execution when it comes to negative feedback. Done well, negative… Continue reading

In the Midst of a Great Relationship

Organizations filled with people who need to be #1 are paralyzed by sideways energy. Everyone pulls for their own way rather than pulling together. We are so in love with being #1 that… Continue reading