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Why Fitting In Doesn’t Work

Leaders choose to emphasize people or organization. The former celebrate individuality, the later accentuate fitting in. One fits the people to the program; the other fits the program to the people. Both are… Continue reading

Failure of The Pudding Palace

The Pudding Palace never made a ripple on the business scene. Poof! It appeared. Poof! It vanished. But, there it was, for a glorious moment in time, a store dedicated to pudding! Paper… Continue reading

Successful Business Leaders Share One Purpose

Every successful business leader has one single-minded purpose, create customers. Businesses aren’t born until they create customers; they die when they stop.  I love writing about the qualities and behaviors of effective leaders.… Continue reading

Subliminal Leadership

Forgive my Saturday silliness and those with mobile devices may have difficulty reading this post. Today’s scintillating post is a selection of surprising “S” words for leaders. Unsuccessful leaders: Shelter from tough truths.… Continue reading

Identify your Point of Greatest Opportunity

The door to achievement never opens kindly. It swings on reluctant hinges called resistance. Failure to push through resistance explains why you’re stuck. You came to a doorway and sat down. You started… Continue reading

How Need to Succeed Holds Back

The up side of the need to succeed is hard work and passion. The down side of the need to succeed is it blocks lasting achievment. Needy leaders choose short-term success over medium… Continue reading