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Employees and Customers Aren’t First

One of two business philosophies dominate organizations today, “customers first” or “employees first.” Both are useful. Neither reflect reality. Employees first: Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL Technologies, Ltd., is committed to employees first.… Continue reading

How to Avoid Irrelevance, Guaranteed!

You may be the world’s best pickle packer. But, if the world doesn’t value perfectly packed pickles, you are tragically irrelevant. Value: Customers determine value, not you. Spend as much time understanding the… Continue reading

Two Words that Create Focus Quickly

He just stood there, pleased with himself… Our children played Tee Ball. Focus isn’t part of a kid between 4-6 years old. They wander around the outfield chasing butterflies, scratching themselves, and finding… Continue reading

13 Ways to Pass the Squeeze Test

The people you serve evaluate you like a person buying bread. Do you pass the “squeeze test?” Ever have a bad boss who didn’t realize how bad they were? What if complaints about… Continue reading

10 Ways to Eliminate Isolation and Connect

Everything is worse when faced alone. Lousy leaders withdraw, build barriers, condone silos, and stifle relationships. Pulling away feels safe, but its destructive. Isolation causes, magnifies, and exacerbates every issue leaders face. For… Continue reading

16 Ways to Help Less

Help done poorly creates dependency. But, help withheld seems disconnected or cold. Leaders who say, “How can I help,” connect, change attitudes, and move agendas forward. But, help that weakens teams hurts organizations.… Continue reading