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How to Generate Enthusiasm with Assessments

Those who don’t enjoy measuring results, don’t enjoy achievement. Unmeasured results don’t matter. Hitting baseballs reminded me that effective assessments increase enthusiasm, concentration, and satisfaction. The visit: Dahliah, Asher, and Abram, three of… Continue reading

Ten Ways to Complain Successfully

Complainers, within organizations, are swamps of despair that drag down and demotivate. They feel good pointing out bad. Lazy bums point fingers and pull down. Building up is courageous, hard work. I’m complaining about complainers.… Continue reading

When Passion Makes Fools of Leaders

Passion drives blinded leaders to repeat self-defeating behaviors. The danger of passion is it blinds sincere leaders. Passion for their strengths blinds you to their weaknesses. If you could just get them doing… Continue reading

Fuel for the Journey

Leading drains. Obligations weigh down. Expectations from others deplete. Dissatisfaction with yourself – the worst downer of all – saps energy. Add the problem of critics with personal agendas and you have a… Continue reading

Simple Isn’t Simple

Any fool can create complex. Complexity leads to confusion. Confusion leads to uncertainty. Uncertainty produces cowardice. Cowards never take meaningful action. Simplicity: Longfellow said, “… in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”… Continue reading

When Celebrating Demotivates

Teams who don’t celebrate wins don’t appreciate gains, respect progress, or honor effort. But… Teams who celebrate half-wins end up not winning at all. I’m a huge fan of celebrating progress. But celebrate… Continue reading