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What Makes Leaders Matter More

Leaders don’t matter until they do what matters. Intrinsic human worth and the value of a leader are separate issues. You don’t matter when you do what doesn’t matter. Doing what matters: The… Continue reading

Something Better than Results

Stop focusing on results. I just listened to one of the most highly regarded football coaches in the United States say, “Don’t worry about winning.” Freaky! Here’s the message I took: Forget about… Continue reading

How to Fulfill Your Dreams

Nothing’s more painful than unfulfilled dreams. Dreams slip away as time  passes. Defeated dreamers roll over in bed one morning and say, “What’s the use. It’ll never happen.” But… Leaders are dreamers and deadlines… Continue reading

Speed with Collaboration and Standards

Messy collaboration can create speed. Mike Leavitt learned collaboration is often the best way to solve messy problems that involve large groups of people. Mike is the three time Governor of Utah and… Continue reading

Forget About Being the Best

You’ll never be the best. “Strategy is not about being the best, but about being unique.” Jerome De Flander, author of, The Execution Shortcut. Unique value is the best. Finding unique: Look for… Continue reading

Dumb and Dumber

The same people sitting around the same table produce the same results. It’s dumb to think otherwise. It’s even dumber to expect the people who caused the problem to solve it. The future… Continue reading