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Life goes where you look. Drift is inevitable. Course correction is normal. Cars and motorcycles drift where drivers look. Skiers and runners go where their eyes go. Individuals and organizations drift toward short-term… Continue reading

One Thing All Outstanding Organizations Do

Aspiration is useless, on its own. You aspire to excellence, success, and fulfillment. Big deal. Who doesn’t? Aspiration apart from definition, method, and means is life lived by blind hope and dumb luck. Furthermore,… Continue reading

How to Find Your Passion and Change Your Life

Everyone says, “Follow your passion.” But what if you can’t find it? Find your passion; don’t wait for it to find you. Discontent: Pick the scab of dissatisfaction. Hidden passion often lurks under… Continue reading

Choosing Second Best

Sometimes second best is the best. Yesterday I chatted with Davis Taylor, founder and leader of TAI Incorporated. I wanted to learn more about the Pro Development Assessment™ my coach, Bob Hancox recently… Continue reading

If I started over …

Joel Garfinkle’s response to, “If I started over, knowing what I know today,” took a surprising turn. He said, I would… “Realize I can’t do it alone.” I expected Joel to explain a… Continue reading

Getting Past Excuses

If I started over, knowing what I know today, I would … Aim higher and start sooner. Mark Hopkins Excuses: Mark went on to say, “Life’s curveballs and my conservative nature provide daily… Continue reading