Seven Ways to Keep Dreams Alive

wilted sunflower

She said, “I have a burning passion to live a high impact life.  She began explaining her vision.  It’s exciting.  However, the inevitable “how to make it happen,” fills her with fear and doubt.

Withhold how:

I said, “Focus on what you want to do, not how you’re going to do it.” Imagine how the world will be better if you achieve your dream. How will people’s lives improve.

Why does your dream matter?

Focus on “how” too soon and you’ll never get off the ground.

Let your vision grow legs. With a sigh of relief she said, “It’s the how that’s really scary.  It’s the “what” that energizes me.”

Vision that isn’t uncomfortable isn’t vision.

Every dreamer says, “I’ve never done that before.”

Comfort zones kill dreams.

7 ways to keep dreams alive:

  1. Don’t be surprised that you feel uncomfortable. That’s the nature of dreams.
  2. Step back to your why and the difference you dream of making, when how’s overwhelm. Loosing touch with the big picture kills dreams.
  3. Talk with dreamers first; doers second.
  4. Welcome challenges and suggestions from people who share your dream.
  5. Team up with a doer. Dreamers need doers on their team. You need them more than they need you.
  6. Avoid people who only say no. “No” is the easy, safe path.
  7. Ask, “What can we do?”

Bonus: Create a team of believers. Great dreams require great teams.

Dreamers don’t know how to accomplish their dream. If they did, someone would have already done it.


Dreams inevitably face how. Find a method for the madness. But, don’t wait for perfect opportunities. Do what you can now!

I ask dreamers what they’re currently doing to fulfill their dream. When they say nothing, it’s time to start moving. Learning happens while we move.

What other ways can people protect and nurture a dream?

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