Don’t Make a Resolution; Find a Word



What if one word could transform your life?

I don’t blame you if you’ve stopped making resolutions. You’re busy enough and the last ones didn’t work.

One Facebook contributor summed up the challenge of personal change when she wrote, “Successful personal change requires a lot of hard work!

Plus, you’re already maxed out. But…

Do you have room for one word?

More powerful than resolutions:

You don’t need a list of resolutions. You need, “One Word That Will Change Your Life.”

Dan Britton and Jimmy Page have practiced and taught one word since 1999. They shared the idea with Jon Gordon a few years ago. One word always works. It may not deliver what you expect. It usually delivers more.

One word:

Choose one word that embodies the essence of life for 2014 and let it speak to you everywhere you go. The possibilities are endless.

People have chosen: Love, Discipline, Rest, Integrity, Smile, Finish, Kindness, Joy, Patience.

Your word in three easy steps:

First, look in by finding silence and asking three questions.

  1. What do I need?
  2. What’s in my way?
  3. What needs to go?

Find your why:

“The why is always more important than the what.”

From, One Word.

Second, look up by asking God for your word and listening. Don’t stress about your word. Receive it from your maker.

Third, look out by living out your word everywhere you go. But, look out, because one word isn’t predictable. It surprises.

“Don’t check the box; experience the journey.”

From, One Word

Tip: Keep your word front and center everyday.

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