The Secret to Focusing on What Matters

one word

Trivialities replace what matters when you’re under the gun. The dark power of time pressure, stress, and urgency is they obscure what’s meaningful.

  1. Getting things done replaces making a difference.
  2. Check lists replace connecting.
  3. Coercion replaces partnership.
  4. Junk food replaces healthy food.
  5. Rudeness replaces respect.

I’d like to say that I focus on what’s important and forget what isn’t. But, who has time for purpose and meaning when things have to get done?

Insignificant leaders focus on trivialities.

The things you focus on express the importance of your leadership. When you inflate insignificant issues, you deflate meaningful leadership.

When you manage, the devil’s in the details.
When you lead, the devil is the details.

Things that matter take greater focus and more concentration than things that don’t.

I’m using the, One Word, approach to help me focus on what matters in 2014. I wrote about it yesterday, Don’t Make a Resolution; Find a Word. My word is Health. It’s already taking on a bigger meaning than I anticipated.

Top of mind is top of life.
Who you are is best seen when you’re under the gun.

Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page, authors of, One Word That will Change Your Life, offer suggestions for maintaining focus on your word.

  1. Write your word down and post it in prominent places.
  2. Create a screensaver with your word.
  3. Take a picture of your word and save it on your smartphone.
  4. Keep a One Word journal.
  5. Look for saying and quotes that relate to your word.
  6. Pick a song that reminds you of your word.
  7. Get a tattoo. They suggest a removable one.

Bonus: Download your One Word ACTION PLAN.

How can leaders stay focused on what’s important?