How to Bring Caution and Courage Together

Let caution inform action not prevent it. Act in alignment with your highest point of confidence not your lowest point of caution. Keep caution in the backseat and boldness in the front. When… Continue reading

Four Ways to Create Unflinching Boldness

Timid people achieve less than bold. Boldness builds the future. Fear stalls progress and congeals the past. Fear is survival mode. Boldness is opportunity mode. 4 Ways to Build Boldness: Prepare people for… Continue reading

To Accept Limits or Not – That is the Question

There are limits; it’s dangerous to believe otherwise. Benefit: Accepting limits enables peak performance. For example, cars are designed for peak efficiency while running within a limited rpm range. Dangers: Surpassing limits lowers… Continue reading

How Pain Shows the Way

The pursuit of excellence turns ugly when it makes you negative and critical. There’s a thin line between reaching high and negativity. Furthermore, turning the critical light inward is dangerous. During a recent… Continue reading

The Leadership Quality No One Ever Mentions

Yesterday, I led a seminar that began with a discussion of leaders the group admired and why. The conversation was worthwhile and predictable. Everyone admires leaders who possess passion, courage, insight, integrity, vision,… Continue reading

A Leadership Intention (classic)

Repost of a favorite: How do you want others to feel when they are around you? Like you are smart or like they are smart? Like they have great ideas or like you… Continue reading