Bob Burg on Becoming a Person of Value

I asked Bob Burg if he felt like a success; it’s a slippery topic that requires definition so we slipped back into how he defined it. At first Bob talked goals. “On the… Continue reading

Finding Freedom While Developing Leaders

This is the second post based on my conversation with Bob Burg, author of: “It’s Not About You.” Leaders see in others what they don’t see in themselves; that can be frustrating. It’s frustrating… Continue reading

Bob Burg on Life and Leadership

Yesterday Bob Burg took my call and we chatted for nearly an hour. I don’t waste much time on calls so after he shared a bit of his story, I asked him if… Continue reading

One bad apple DOES spoil the whole barrel

Image source Team-work is often slower and always more complex than individual-work; it requires more interaction and greater skill. Five stages: Teams go through five stages: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. Typically,… Continue reading

The “Sweet 16” of Positive Work Environments

If people start worrying when you show up, you’re a downer. If people love to see you leave, you’re a loser. If your team hates receiving calls from you, you’re a lousy leader.… Continue reading

Who is your organization becoming

Image source Great vision ends in being not doing; it surpasses activities. Great vision answers the questions who do we want to become. What you want to do is important; who you want… Continue reading