How to go Further Faster – Guaranteed

Image source Leaders are control freaks that struggle to let go. You go further faster when you pass the baton; sadly, you hinder your influence and effectiveness when you don’t. You’ll always be… Continue reading

You Lose if They Can’t Disagree

Three years after the fact, a true friend of mine told me why he hadn’t expressed his concerns. “I didn’t believe you would listen. You’d already made up your mind.” Sadly, he was… Continue reading

15 Ways to tell if someone is Arrogant or Humble

Arrogant people say they believe in humility but their life says they believe in arrogance. Humility speaks the truth. Arrogance negotiates honesty based on what’s best for itself. If you’ve found someone who speaks the… Continue reading

Be Quick but Don’t Hurry – John Wooden

One of my favorite quotes is, “Be quick but don’t hurry,” John Wooden. If you aren’t quick in today’s world, you’re done. If you hurry, things are poorly done or not done at… Continue reading

15 Techniques that Create Upward Mobility

Image source It’s not unusual for emerging leaders to seek advice on how to ask for a promotion. It’s not enough to ask for a promotion. You must build a platform. 5 techniques… Continue reading

How Honest Leaders Destroy Their Leadership

Image source No trust – – no leadership. You can coerce without trust but positive influence thrives on the foundation of trust. Losing influence is easy because losing trust is incredibly easy. Trust… Continue reading