The younger leads the older

Image source Introduction This is the second installment in my conversation with G.J. Hart, CEO of Texas Roadhouse. ********** The fire The combination of good fortune and hard work landed G.J. Hart as a plant… Continue reading

A Dealer in Hope

That’s G.J. Hart, CEO of Texas Roadhouse; a rapidly expanding, publicly traded franchise with 40,000 employees and 340 locations. G.J. and I had an intriguing conversation on March 11, 2011. ********** Gas was 35… Continue reading

Remember Japan

Image source by scarabus Feel free to share a leader’s response to tragedy and crisis.

If it’s broke DON’T fix it

Image source by Shane Willis You may spiral into frustration and irrelevance if you try to fix stagnated teams or committees. Leaders are passionate fixers that love enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. A… Continue reading

Just out of reach

Image source by kjherstin Many barely make it through the day. They’re dominated by the tyranny of the urgent, exhausted and frustrated. You may need something just out of reach for inspiration. Not… Continue reading

iLeadership by Jay Elliot

“The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation,” is several books in one. It’s the personal story of staggering success, painful failure, persistent struggle and white hot passion. Sometimes it reads like… Continue reading