Seeing the Secret of Engagement

 Successful leaders define meaning and explain purpose. There are no menial tasks as long as tasks have meaning. My recent stay (11/11) at Susquehanna Health (SH) exposed me to an array of remarkable people; not… Continue reading

On Useful Candor

The reason we aren’t candid with people is we are protecting someone. It may be someone else, our self, or both. Five things we protect: Reputation. Status. Position. Status quo. Opportunities. Why we… Continue reading

The Reason I Haven’t Posted in a Week

One week ago today, I was lying flat on my back looking at the low-hanging ceiling of a life-flight helicopter.  My right leg was cocked at an unusual and uncomfortable angle, painfully yelling… Continue reading

How to Make Risk Taking Less Risky

I woke up this morning to a few email questions from individuals seeking my perspective, advice, or suggestions. I usually answer questions with questions and when applicable reflect back what I see. Giving… Continue reading

Jack Welch Led Gossip Sessions

With typical candor and color, Jack Welch said, “We always had one hell-of-ah gossip session after every meeting.” (ELP, 2011, NYC) At least two things happened at meetings Jack Welch attended. First, the… Continue reading

The One and Only Reason to Help

Competent people are insulted when you try to help them do their job. They think, “You don’t trust me.” Managers must know when to step in or stay out. Help too quickly and… Continue reading