Repeating things

Repeating things establishes them. Great leaders repeat things that take others and themselves higher. Great leaders are repeaters. On the Negative Repeating office gossip makes it seem true even if it isn’t. Remember… Continue reading

In praise of development

You’ve read books, attended seminars, webinars, or classes, and met people who change you. Today, I’m interested in books that changed you, that developed you as a leader. Four books that are developing me.… Continue reading

Ranting about a cliché

Yesterday I read that the expression, “values, mission, and vision” was a cliché’. Today I’m on a rant! I lead in what some experts consider the most difficult leadership arena, the not for… Continue reading

Working backwards moves you forward

“Begin with the end in mind.” Stephen Covey Success depends on your ability to envision a preferred future. Organizational leaders define success before it happens. ***** Drucker famously said, “Management is doing things right;… Continue reading

Multiplying Results

“What can I delegate?” is the wrong question. ***** Effective delegation increases your potential because it multiplies results. The Rule I frequently hear leaders say, “What can I delegate?” That’s the wrong question… Continue reading

Talk solutions not problems

Yesterday I realized I’ve made a strategic blunder. About a year ago I began publicly acknowledging a challenge the organization I lead faces. As weeks and months passed I continued to occasionally acknowledge… Continue reading