High Potential Collisions

I had lunch with a leader whose style is opposite mine. He is quiet and reserved. I tend to be energetic and outgoing. His strength’s are gentleness and compassion. Qualities I admire but… Continue reading

Changing your vision

Ben asked, “How do I know when I should change my vision?” It’s a great question that potentially impacts everything we do. Here’s what I think. Values drive mission and vision. Richard, a… Continue reading

Into the Unknown

Win a free, signed copy of “Courting your Career.” Read Shawn Grahams guest blog and see how. ***** Into the Unknown Embracing personal vision-driven goals is counter intuitive because letting go of certainty doesn’t… Continue reading

Manage Your Message

Here’s a hearty Leadership Freak welcome to Shawn Graham today’s guest blogger. Enjoy! Win a FREE, signed copy of, “Courting Your Career.” Keep reading to learn how. As an undergrad studying economics, I… Continue reading

Courting Your Career – Book Review

I began reading Shawn Graham’s book, “Courting Your Career” on a flight from Harrisburg to Chicago. Even though I’m not looking to change my career, it was good company. It might surprise you… Continue reading

Community update 04/17/10

Thank you to everyone leaving comments on LF. When you leaving comments you reach out to others and give back to the community. A recent comment included a request for resources related to… Continue reading