The power of progress

Money is an external carrot-motivator.  It hangs out there offering a prize for a job well done.  On the other hand, fear of staying late to complete a project is an external stick-motivator. … Continue reading

The Power of Calm

My heart races on Monday mornings.  There’s a mountain of work to do.  It feels like I’m being punished for relaxing Sunday afternoon.  I should have logged in and answered email but I… Continue reading

A taste of Friday

Have you ever had one of those weeks from hell?  I know – it’s a dumb question. Everyone’s had a week when Tuesday felt like you’d already worked a week and Friday was… Continue reading

The world stinks

Here’s my first attempt at telling a parable. Once upon a time, a teetering, bushy gray-bearded man started toward the market.  Hobbling along he realized something wasn’t right.  The spring air felt right… Continue reading

Leadership lessons from dancing guy

Follow this youtube link and experience the most creative three minute leadership lesson I’ve ever seen.  When you’re done come on back and share what you learned with other leadership freaks. Leadership… Continue reading

A world of mini-me’s

    The leadership team of the nonprofit I lead just had lunch at our house.  It’s an eclectic group of individuals who range from a driven extrovert to a quiet introvert.  After… Continue reading