Life Changing Leadership Quotes? – You Decide

Being smart enough to know you’re dumb makes learning easy. There’s a personal light bulb moment reflected in every quote that follows.

Forward trajectory quotes:
  1. Any fool can start something new. It takes brilliant  leaders to stop something old.My life gives testament to the power of purposeful abandonment.  A little over 3 years ago, the organization I love died to me.  I crossed a line by saying, it’s better to lose it all than continue along the current path.

    Stopping things initiated a process that radically changed my life and the organization I still lead. Current attitudes, abilities, processes, or systems are responsible for our present situation.  Clinging to them won’t change anything. Timely stops are tangible steps to new starts.

  2. Don’t demonize the past in order to move into the future.
  3. Criticism is about what was. Leadership is about what could be.
  4. Committing to a vision turns paralyzing stress into energizing passion.
  5. Confusion is the door to learning and the window of vision.
  6. Making a difference is not a one-time event.
Learning leader quotes:
  1. Leadership is influence. Listening opens the door of influence.
  2. Your most powerful tool of influence is your ears not your tongue.
  3. Too often, we make up our mind and then prove it with the facts.
High performance quotes:
  1. Aligning personal passion with organizational objectives creates performance sweet spots.
  2. Ever notice that many of the biggest complainers seem to do the least?
  3. Success is about striving not arriving.
  4. Performance reviews that focus on improving weaknesses are a colossal waste of time.
Authentic leader quotes:
  1. Your leadership potential is rooted in your authentic self.
  2. People who’ve found their soul can own their superficiality.
  3. People demanding respect don’t feel respected.

Which quote do you find most applicable to your leadership moment?

How would you modify, amplify, or illustrate these quotes?


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