Exalting Leaders

Encourage and exalt leaders don’t pull them down. But you may say, “Won’t arrogance destroy them.”


Leaders hungry for power are dangerous.

Arrogant leaders stop listening, grow autocratic, and become self-protective narcissists. Like boxers in the ring, protect yourself at all times. Never trust them. They’ll slice you down and sacrifice stakeholder value for personal gain. They use and abuse.


Dedication to serving answers arrogance. Servant-leaders give, first and foremost.

All the great leaders were servants. Leadership is service. Leadership opportunities are service opportunities.

The higher we lift servant-leaders the more we expand and extend their service. The greater they become the more they serve.

The more we build servant-leaders up the more they build others.

Safe hunger to lead:

Reluctant leaders frequently misunderstand leadership. Unsavory, unethical, power hungry leaders disgust them. They want nothing to do with it. But, the principles and attitudes of servant-leadership ignite desires for leadership in true potential leaders.

The noble desire to lead stands above desires for power, authority, gain, and glory. The more you lead the more you serve. The more you serve the more you enjoy it. In this way, desires for leadership motivate and sustain you through tough times.

Unselfish selfishness:

Serving includes sacrifice of the best kind. Honor your best self by joyfully, unashamedly giving yourself to others. You serve others best when you understand, appreciate, nurture, and give your gift.

Go ahead:

Encourage and exalt servant-leaders. Give them glory – they’ll give it back. In some organizations, pulling leaders down is a spectator sport. Pull servant-leaders down at your own peril. Pull them down you pull your own house down. Lift them you lift yourself.


What encourages you?

How can we exalt leaders in ways that extend their service?


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