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4 Ways to Have Lousy One-On-Ones

When one-on-ones are tedious, you’re doing them wrong. If they’re draining to you, imagine how everyone else feels.

Stop sucking the life out of people. Zombies aren’t productive.

4 Questions that Guide Your Most Important Conversation

Quality of conversations predicts quality of life. I talk to strangers even though momma said not to. You talk to dogs, babies, team members, bosses, family members, neighbors, and store clerks. Some talk… Continue reading

How to Move from Talking to Action in 10 Steps

Parents say, “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.” Frustrated leaders ask, “How many times have we talked about this?” Talking isn’t working when: Problems persist. You have the… Continue reading

Limits to Transparency – Don’t Forget to Close the Bathroom Door

Transparency enables and strengthens connection and trust. But everything doesn’t need to be known or shown. Close the door on oversharing: If you’re the boss… #1. Don’t show your scar. I remember visiting… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Develop Smart Teams

Fearful teams pretend they agree with you when they don’t. When was the last time someone spoke against something you said? Better yet, are team conversations rich with options and alternatives? Or, are… Continue reading

How to Rise Above Butterfly Conversations

I hate wasting time in conversations that bounce around and never arrive. Talk – for the sake of talk – is for Saturday morning coffee with friends. But, successful leaders itch for next steps… Continue reading