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When Feedback Makes You Mad

You just received feedback that made you mad. You feel attacked, misjudged, and underappreciated. The person who gave you feedback is obviously an idiot. You begin typing your resignation email. Before you hit… Continue reading

I Looked at Them – They Looked at Me

Powerful feedback often feels wrong. I looked at them – they looked at me: During a recent conversation, a leader shared some surprising feedback he’d received. He was having lunch with several team… Continue reading

How Experienced Leaders Become Stagnant and Mediocre

Repetition isn’t the path to improvement, unless you persistently work to improve.   The only way to improve is to focus on improvement. Experience turns to mediocrity when: You can’t explain what you’re… Continue reading

Why Leaders Get Stuck at Average

Some leaders think they’re good leaders when they’re stuck at average. We don’t automatically improve as time passes.  The longer we do something, the more likely we are to do it like we’ve… Continue reading

A Conversation with a Critic

Leaders don’t have to search for critics. They attract them. I’m often in the position to hear negative feedback about leaders that I coach. Everyone judges a leader’s performance. Even those who think… Continue reading

89% of Employees are Demotivated by Ineffective Managers and Leaders

It might hurt, but look in the mirror if people around you are low energy slugs.  The greatest ability is the ability to develop abilities. 98% of employees who have good leaders are… Continue reading