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10 Ways to Eliminate Isolation and Connect

Everything is worse when faced alone. Lousy leaders withdraw, build barriers, condone silos, and stifle relationships. Pulling away feels safe, but its destructive. Isolation causes, magnifies, and exacerbates every issue leaders face. For… Continue reading

Ten Radical Shifts in Thinking all Leaders Face

Leaders fail when they don’t think like leaders. Leaders who think like individual contributors demoralize their team and devalue their leadership. Lousy leaders think like individual contributors. 10 radical shifts in thinking: From… Continue reading

The Secret to Leadership Finding You

You aren’t a leader if you don’t have followers. “He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.” John Maxwell, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership“ A young… Continue reading

13 Ways to Overcome Timidity and Fuel Boldness

Stagnation emerges where uncertainty prevails. Fear pulls back and congeals the past. But, boldness builds the future. Boldness is the belief that hard work works. Bold teams achieve; timid teams survive. Lousy leaders… Continue reading

Energy for a New Year

Lousy leaders drain people; successful leaders energize. Do eyes light up when you’re around? Those who make the biggest difference, energize others. The law of energy is put more in than you take out.… Continue reading

Six Ways to Deal with Messy People

The easiest, short-term leadership strategy is avoiding people. Just hide in your office doing paperwork. Connecting with people is messy. Hidden baggage bubbles just under the skin. Emotions erupt. Priorities shift. Personal lives… Continue reading