10 Ways to Eliminate Isolation and Connect

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Everything is worse when faced alone. Lousy leaders withdraw, build barriers, condone silos, and stifle relationships.

Pulling away feels safe, but its destructive.

Isolation causes, magnifies, and exacerbates every issue leaders face. For example:

  1. Distrust expands when you hide in your office.
  2. Arrogance, the deadliest leadership failure, grows in segregation.
  3. Earning respect from older, more experienced employees, doesn’t happen from a distance.
  4. Fear and insecurity increase in isolation. Everyone knows something’s wrong when you close down and pull away.

Those we push away become the enemy.

Pushing others out is a tragic expression of inexperience. People cause all the problems, but, they solve them, too.

The more you feel like pulling away
the more you must connect.

Leadership in isolation is an empty title.


  1. Learning connects. Use four words every colleague wants to hear. “What do you think?” Know-it-alls push away.
  2. Fascination connects. Feel people leaning in when you say, “That’s fascinating.”
  3. Aspiration connects. “How can we be better?”
  4. Purpose connects. “How can we make a difference?” “Why does this matter?”
  5. Compassion connects.
  6. Vulnerability connects.
  7. Listening connects.
  8. Progress connects. “What’s the next step?”
  9. Respect connects. “You are great at ______ .”
  10. Serving connects. (As long as it’s not meddling.) “How can I help?”


Connecting is the first step toward leveraging opportunities and resolving issues.

You know how to connect. Stop making excuses for not doing it.

No one builds connections for you. At best, others open doors, but you step through.


Craig Groshel said,

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

Connections determine the direction and destiny of your leadership. Every leadership capacity and ability is magnified through connection.

Connected leaders are strong; disconnected fragile.


Exponential influence: help others connect with others.

What hinders connection?

How can leaders build vibrant connections?

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