Energy for a New Year

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Lousy leaders drain people; successful leaders energize. Do eyes light up when you’re around? Those who make the biggest difference, energize others.

The law of energy is put more in than you take out.

Any person or system that takes out more than it puts in is dying. Reserves last for awhile, but death is imminent.

Successful leaders replenish energy in others. Energy looks like hope, optimism, and confidence.

Recharging people:

Leaders who over-emphasize deliverables and projects suck life out of people.

Leaders who energize, focus on projects and people. Foolish  leaders forget people come first. People complete projects.

Leaders who prioritize people are energizers.

Successful leaders monitor energy. What’s the mood of your team?

Surprising sources of energy:

  1. Doing things you love. Rest is helpful, but doing what you love energizes. Help your team do things they love. Just ask, what do you love doing?
  2. Challenges energize when they’re just out of reach. Too far and they drain.
  3. Finishing energizes. Successful leaders create and celebrate finishing points. Great finishing points energize for the journey.
  4. Developing new skills infuses energy. What are you doing to develop those around you?

Encouragement energizes:

Leaders who withhold encouragement discourage.

  1. Ask people how they like to be encouraged. “What can I do to encourage you?”
  2. Validation encourages. Don’t explain away people’s perspective or feelings. Go with them, even when they aren’t yours. Going with isn’t agreement it’s understanding. People feel validated when they feel understood.
  3. Use questions rather than directions. “Can we solve this?” is better than, “Go fix this.” Once a person says, “Yes, we can solve this.” Their brain rises to the challenge. They find courage to take the next step.
  4. Systematize encouragement by putting your team member’s names on a calendar. Monday is your day to encourage Bob.

How can leaders energize others?

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