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The Key to Being a Good Mentor

Someone changed the course of your life. In reality you changed the course of your life, but someone was a catalyst.

Be a mentor; seek mentors.

5 Self-Limiting Beliefs that Defeat Leaders

You work against yourself when you cling to self-limiting beliefs. I’m not saying if you can believe it, you can achieve it. That’s a ridiculous lie.

Self-limiting beliefs hide your beauty.

5 Accountability Practices that Guarantee Teams Row Together

Teams that row together are no accident.

The secret to pulling together is shared accountability.

Accountability brings reality to responsibility.

2 Ways to Be Water for the Thirsty

Tired people stagger through the desert looking for a drop of relief.

Use your experience to provide water.

Use your experience to give water to the thirsty.

Stop Hedging – It Makes You Sound Weak

Yesterday, a leader I respect said, “I almost teared up.”

Then I spoke directly, “You didn’t almost tear up. Either you did or you didn’t.”

How to stop hedging?

21 Things Leaders Don’t Need to Do

Leadership is challenging enough. Don’t make yourself miserable by doing what you don’t need to do.

Here are 21 things leaders don’t need to do. What’s on your list?