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How to Find Vitality when You Feel Down

You don’t notice until one morning you’re drained.

Low vitality equals low confidence.

Restore vitality project included.

Albert Einstein’s Advice Before He Died

Just months before his death, Albert Einstein gave some life advice to Pat Miller.

Here it is…

4 Rules for Great Relationships at Work

Enemies don’t help each other.

People bring their best when they pull for each other.

What do great relationships at work look like?

5 Simple Rules for the Day

Treat yourself with more respect than a squirrel.

Stop chasing the next nut. Choose how you show up.

5 simple rules…

3 Conditional Statements Smart People Never Say

Words have trajectory.

Here are three conditional statements that stand between you and the life you hope to enjoy.

How to Tell Your Boss to Back Off

It’s hard to get a meddling boss to back off. An adversarial relationship won’t help.

You can do things that help your boss back off.