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How to Inspire Others to Fly

Organizations that don’t develop leaders – die. One of the great questions of leadership is, “How are you inspiring others to fly?”   Surprisingly, baby bluebirds grow from birth to fledglings in about… Continue reading

Why You Need to Know You Ain’t All That

The sooner you realize you’re remarkable at very few things and lousy at many, the better off you and your team will be. If you usually come out on top when you compare… Continue reading

4 Ways to Stand with People When They Screw Up

Self-serving leaders throw people under the bus. Skillful leaders know that standing with people when they screw up … Strengthens relationships. Improves morale. Inspires trust. Instills courage. Deepens commitment.   How to stand… Continue reading

Pope Under Fire

The sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church began about fifteen years ago. I live in Pennsylvania where last week a Grand Jury released a 1,356 page scathing report on the tragedy. The Pennsylvania… Continue reading

Newt Gingrich on John McCain

John McCain died of brain cancer on August 25, 2018. Newt Gingrich shared a surprising story about McCain. Standing with: Gingrich writes, “One of my most personal encounters with John was in 1986… Continue reading

Edgar and Peter Schein on Humble Leadership

When Edgar Schein said*, “The essence of humility is not interpersonal,” my brain lit up. Ed and Peter explained that they aren’t focusing on humility in relation to other people. As I considered… Continue reading