How to Lead Successfully in a Global Environment

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During global expansion show conviction that change is good.

Today, more companies are global than ever before. You no longer have to be big to be global. But going global is happening at an earlier phase in the life of a business. 

Here are some tips to help you succeed as a global company leader.

#1 Embrace Change

Taking a company global requires being comfortable with change. Adaptation is essential when you’re moving into new markets. Be a champion of change for your teams.

Show conviction that change is good. 

#2 Master Async Comms

It’s impossible to over-communicate when teams are far away from each other.

To build strong global teams, strengthen your organization’s muscles for communicating asynchronously. Use tools such as Slack, Loom, WhatsApp, Zoom, and others that enable people to communicate across time zones.

#3 Empower Local Employees

Give your employees in local markets as much autonomy as possible. Let them lead. Stay out of their way. Empower them.

Avoid doing a “copy and paste” of a playbook from one market to another. 

#4 Amplify Customer Voices

Don’t let local customer voices get drowned out. Make sure the perspectives of your largest market are not so loud that they overpower those of other customers.

Usually, your fastest-growing markets are smaller and need support to ensure they can be heard.

#5 Build Relationships

Local networks and connections are everything when you’re expanding into new markets.

Lean into partnerships. Spend time building relationships. Focus on establishing real and genuine bonds with people.

As you prepare to take your business global, listen to the needs of customers and employees in local markets, build strong relationships with them, raise their voices, and embrace the inevitable change that comes with transforming your company into a global one.

What’s important when companies expand?

Nataly Kelly is the Chief Growth Officer at Rebrandly, a global software firm with customers in more than 100 countries, and the author of Take Your Company Global: The New Rules of International Expansion. Connect with her at