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Seeking and Seeing Breakthrough Moments

Hate surprises? Plan on staying the same. Surprises propel into the future or drive into the past. Problem is, surprise signals uncertainty. Organizations hate uncertainty. Extraordinary leaders realize surprise is a catalyst not… Continue reading

Purposeful Abandonment: The Art of Letting Go

© Qrius4ever | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos You employ systems and strategies for starting, maintaining, and moving forward. Adopt systems for stopping, as well. People who can’t say, “No,” chase all… Continue reading

They’re Better Without Me

Step away. Let the players play. The meeting after the meeting: The meeting went long because we were finalizing things. It’s understandable, but I’m committed to short rather than long. After the meeting,… Continue reading

Six Ways to Find Your Future

The past is the future for most. Persistence and endurance assure continuity. But, more of the same won’t birth new futures. Looking back and holding on stagnates, solidifies, and congeals life like cold… Continue reading

Overcoming 7 Barriers to Getting What You Want

All leaders want what they don’t have. Wrong wanting frustrates. Right wanting motivates. Why leaders don’t get what they want? Failure to name it. You never achieve what you don’t name. Fear prevents… Continue reading

Create Culture by Celebrating Small

Hate your work environment? Build rather than tear down. Whining reinforces negative environments. Celebrations build and reinforce positive environments. Celebrations create culture. Sadly, short-sighted leaders are stingy with positives and free with negatives.… Continue reading