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One Thing All Outstanding Organizations Do

Aspiration is useless, on its own. You aspire to excellence, success, and fulfillment. Big deal. Who doesn’t? Aspiration apart from definition, method, and means is life lived by blind hope and dumb luck. Furthermore,… Continue reading

When Stepping Up Blows Up

Accepting challenges lifts careers. But, holding on to them destroys. Learn to challenge others as well as challenging yourself. Raise your hand and say, “I’ll take that on.” New challenges are opportunities. Challenges… Continue reading

The Secret to Defeating Manipulators

Don’t get played. Cowards, manipulators, and backstabbers encourage you to take risks so they don’t have to. They posture in shadows. Let others get dirty. They step into the light when it’s safe.… Continue reading

The Three Conversations that Follow Feedback

Three conversations follow negative feedback; excuse, denial, and/or tell-me-more. Excuse-conversations blame. Everyone who says, “It’s not my fault,” subtly or directly says, “I’m not responsible for my negative behavior, they are.” Excuses are… Continue reading

Choosing Second Best

Sometimes second best is the best. Yesterday I chatted with Davis Taylor, founder and leader of TAI Incorporated. I wanted to learn more about the Pro Development Assessment™ my coach, Bob Hancox recently… Continue reading

10 Stunning Benefits of Failure

Success teaches repetition. Do more of the same because more of the same produces more of the same. In changing times more of the same is deadly. Success teaches confidence. Without confidence progress… Continue reading