10 Remarkable Qualities of Wise Leaders

Wisdom is about behavior not intelligence.

Wisdom is practical not theoretical; skillful not academic. Wisdom gets things done. Fools sit and talk while the wise move out. I’m not suggestion it’s foolish to explore options and discuss plans. I’m saying wise leaders add more value than foolish.

On the other hand, foolish leaders don’t talk enough. If this seems contradictory with what I said before, it is.

You need wisdom and the ability to identify wisdom.

10 remarkable qualities of wise leaders

Wise leaders:

  1. Energize others.
  2. Choose character over talent.
  3. Ask, “What are we learning?”
  4. Enrich the leadership of others.
  5. Speak well of others.
  6. Honor effort and progress as well as results.
  7. Wonder and doubt while moving forward at the same time.
  8. Delegate decisions; retain responsibility.
  9. Believe time is always short.
  10. Say, “Teach me.” Wise leaders hang with wise people. They know the need to always appear wise isn’t wise.

Bonus: Wise leaders know talking isn’t doing.

10 disastrous marks of foolish leaders

Foolish leaders:

  1. Assume.
  2. Create turmoil.
  3. Never finish and move on.
  4. Love leading but reject following.
  5. Choose sides in squabbles.
  6. Voice frustrations immediately.
  7. Exercise authority but won’t submit to authority.
  8. Don’t make mistakes; they’re always right. (Sarcasm intended)
  9. Concentrate on the present and neglect the future.
  10. Grow arrogant with success. Past success never guarantees future success.

Today’s challenge: Intentionally practice one behavior of wise leaders and jettison one mark of foolish leaders.

What quality of wise leaders carries the most weight? Why?

What mark of foolish leaders is most damaging? Why?

What can you add to either list?