Top 15 Strategies for Leadership Success

The first thing you need to know is:

Success is a result not an end in itself.

Five organizational strategies:

  1. Always create more harmony than discord.
  2. Build up more than you tear down, much more.
  3. Long-term views build stability.
  4. Short-term views produce quick results.
  5. Make life easier for those over you.

Three relationship strategies:

  1. Friends represent who you will become.
  2. Show respect.
  3. Always act with kindness, especially when being tough.

Two personal development strategies:

  1. Identify wise leaders and seek their counsel, often.
  2. Read. If you don’t read, listen to books.

Five communication strategies:

  1. Never pretend you know when you don’t.
  2. Always speak clearly, directly, and honestly.
  3. Talk less; listen more.
  4. Stay in the moment in public.
  5. Focus on and enjoy others.

Bonus: Define success.

What top strategies for leadership success can you add?