Waiting Never Gets the Job Done

Katy Tynan

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Hey all you Leadership Freaks, give a hearty welcome to guest blogger Katy Tynan professional coach and author of, “Survive your Promotion: The 90 day success plan for new managers.” Enjoy her blog.


Waiting Never Gets the Job Done

Have you ever been to a teambuilding camp? One of those retreats where corporations send groups of people to fast track their ability to work together cohesively? I used to facilitate at one of these programs, and I want to share a stunning observation.

On the first week of the month we ran a kids program. Students in 6th-8th grade would come and work their way through the challenge course as part of their retreat. On the second week of the month we would host corporate clients – adults – for one or two day seminars.

Time and time again as I facilitated these sessions I observed that it took the adults more than twice as long to get through each challenge.


Why would the people with more life experience, and more physical size/strength take so much longer to find a solution to these puzzles? After all, we didn’t provide any additional information or tools to the kids!

The answer is frighteningly simple. In the first 15 minutes the kids tried at least 3 different things. Most of their early efforts failed but they learned from each one and moved on quickly.

The adults spent the first 15 minutes walking around, talking to one another, and considering whether to offer an opinion or whether someone else might have a better idea.

When faced with a challenge, act. Make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

Waiting never gets the job done.


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