“M” for leaders – Momentum

Organizations and individuals either have negative or positive momentum. In other words, they always have trajectory. You may feel you’re holding steady but you aren’t. It may seem you organization is flat but it isn’t. If you are flat or holding steady, you may be in the first stages of negative momentum. Chances are you are picking up speed and heading where you don’t want to go.

Momentum indicates you will continue in the same direction unless acted upon. Negative momentum, heading in a downward, unprofitable, counter-productive direction, is deadly because its hard to overcome. In order to reverse negative momentum you must first stop your negative trajectory and then start moving in a positive direction. Negative momentum is one reason you may feel trapped.

Creating and sustaining positive momentum

#1. Talk and think about the good stuff. Spiraling downward is dark. It’s easy to complain, feel defeated and give up. Don’t think and speak in negative or neutral terms. Remember, organizations and individuals always have trajectory. Your words and thoughts take you somewhere. Why not fight negative momentum with positive speech and thought?

#2. Celebrate small wins. One factor in organizational self-image is perceived trajectory. The answer to, are we winners, is nurtured by focusing on small wins. Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is rosy. Face hard truths. However, the encouragement found in celebrating small wins energizes organizations to aggressively fight negative trajectory and fuel positive momentum.

#3. Craft, embrace, and live by compelling vision. Nothing is more powerful than a forward looking, future facing target. Mission is never enough to create and sustain positive momentum. It only tells you why you exist. Vision tells you where you are going. An organization without vision is like a car without gas.


How can individuals or organizations create and sustain positive momentum?

What other “M’s” for leaders can you add?