Repeating things

Repeating things establishes them. Great leaders repeat things that take others and themselves higher. Great leaders are repeaters.

On the Negative

Repeating office gossip makes it seem true even if it isn’t.

Remember the goal of office gossips is relationship destruction. They drive others lower.

On the Positive

Creatively repeating the right things lifts others higher.

To your spouse – repeat I love you.

To your superiors – repeat I’ll make the most of this opportunity.

To your colleagues – repeat how can I help?

To your children – repeat you really tried hard.

To your friends – repeat you encourage me.

To someone with an idea – repeat tell me more.

To your followers – repeat our vision is …

The point of this post isn’t simply encouraging you to say positive things.


The point is to repeat the right things because repeating establishes. Repeating makes things real. Politicians and marketers know this and so should everyone else.

Let me repeat myself, repeating establishes things.

Effective repeating isn’t boring, it’s dynamic. Repeat key phrases. Repeat stories and illustrations. Repeat foundational ideas. Repeat…repeat…repeat.

Repeat in new ways.


Before repeating, begin by asking, “What do I want to establish?


Even though there is value in repeating things, if you are 4’ 6”, you’ll never play professional basketball. I don’t care how many times you repeat, “I’m a professional basket ball player.” I’m not talking about self-hypnosis.

Rote repetition isn’t helpful. Even if you are sincere, it seems insincere.

I’m talking about repeating true things – in creative ways – to others in order to lift higher rather than drive lower.


What are some of the worst things leaders can repeat?

What things should be repeated?

What creative techniques can you suggest for effective, sincere repetition?


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