Dream builders

One day long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away; you dreamed of greatness.

Maybe over time you lost your dream.  One too many failures broke the camel’s back.  One too many frustrations, distractions, responsibilities, or limitations put the last nail in your dream’s coffin.

You’ve given up.  You’ve settled.

Why dreams die?

One reason dreams die is the Lone Ranger complex, trying to achieve dreams alone. Dreams rise in the heart of an individual however they find fulfillment in groups. You’ll be a Lone Ranger when you begin. You’ll be a team builder in order to finish.

Dream dreams that require teams.

If your dream centers on you, it’s too narrow. Reach beyond your current resources. When you’re tempted to pull back, don’t narrow the dream expand the team. Effective dreamers always gather followers and build teams.

Great teams form around compelling vision.

Ask, “How will we change the world?”

I just met with a young man who is becoming part of a “dream team.”  I explained where I want to go.  I let him know what’s in it for him.  I laid out the possibilities of giving back to others.  I told him stories that illustrate how the world will change and how we’ll change it.  I’m inviting him to dream with me and dream for himself.  He’s in! We’ll go further together than either of us will go alone. (From Feb. 2010)

Success factors for dreamers.

#1. Believe you matter.

#2a. Articulate your vision in language that invites others to see themselves as participants not observers.

#2b. Talk about what others can do more than what you have done.

#3. Focus on what you are achieving more than how you will achieve it.


Let’s build a list of key success factors for dream builders.

What kills dreams?

What keeps dreams alive?

How are dreams fulfilled?


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This post is a rewrite of , “Don’t narrow the dream expand the team.”