A conversation with Ron Karr

I recently interviewed business development expert and bestselling author of “Lead, Sell, or Get Out of the Way,” Ron Karr. Here are highlights of our fascinating conversation.

LF: Ron, could you tell me about a formative event from your past that contributed to the person you are today?

Ron: The event that most changed me occurred in 1988 when my parents were in a horrific car accident. There was an explosion and in a moment both were close to death. Thankfully they survived. That event motivated me to begin asking two vital questions that shape my life.

First, what does success look like? And second, are my actions supporting it?

Those two questions continue to change me. They change anyone who seriously asks them.

LF: What is one of your biggest mistakes?

Ron: The thing that held me back the most in life was needing answers up front. You can’t blaze a new trail if you need all the answers before you launch. I’ve learned the importance of keeping vision up front. First commit to vision and answers will come. The power of focus enables me to say no to things that don’t matter.

LF: What piece of advice do you most frequently give others?

Ron: Create something. People in marketing, sales, and leadership are too worried about the competition when we should be focused on creating new results for the people we want to influence.

Creativity is where the future lies. Capture your creative thoughts in a private journal, let them ruminate, and then bring thought to reality. The real magic is in execution.

LF: What books have changed you?

Ron: Many books have changed me, two recent ones are:

MOJO” by Marshall Goldsmith

Free, the Future of Radical Price” by Chris Anderson


Questions for the community.

What piece of advice do you most frequently give others?

What piece of advice have you received that changed you?

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